Your Map

Let’s Get Started!

I find that creating a map starts with knowing what makes your community special. Since everything is drawn just for your project, I can include specific flowers, pine or palm trees, your signature colors and so much more.

These are the questions that I think are a good starting place for working together:

  • What will be the primary use of this map?
  • Are there specific dimensions needed? Should it be horizontal or vertical?
  • What major landmarks/places would you like listed? (I suggest evergreen ones – like town markers, statues, museums, etc.)
  • What do people do there? What would you like to show them doing?
  • Is there a symbol or motif you would like to see used? (For example, is there a specific flower or the local high school sport mascot?)
  • Do you have any thoughts about the compass rose?
  • Are there specific colors that need to be used?
  • When do you need the final files? 

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